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ul. Towarowa 11, 41- 100 Gliwice


  • Training and verification of welders and fitters in the following methods 111, 121, 131/135/136/138, 141, 311, for plates and pipes in line with the applicable standards and regulations
  • Welding services and repairs of technical equipment
  • Professional consulting in welding


  • 43 welding workstations
  • training by using best available welding equipment: Fronius, Kemppi, Esab, etc.: Fronius, Kemppi, Esab etc.
  • fully equipped lecture room for 40 people
  • specialized and experienced personnel
  • exams conducted by certified bodies: Instytut Spawalnictwa, Urząd Dozoru Technicznego, Transportowy Dozór Techniczny, TÜV

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Policy of the Management System

 is the company aiming at constant improvement of the quality of products offered and services provided, respecting the environment and paying special attention to health and safety aspects in all areas of the company’s operations. The highest quality of products and services are guaranteed by the implemented Management System based on the following standards: 

The Company's objective is:

  • continuous improvement of the Management System,
  • ensuring safe organization of work for all employees as well as co-operating companies and individuals,
  • protection of health and life of the staff, preventing accidents at work and near misses, prevention of property damage and care for the environment,
  • striving for continuous improvement of occupational health and safety,
  • maintaining the position of a reliable partner on the construction services market, while ensuring high, consistent quality and timeliness of performed tasks,
  • to attract new customers and keep the existing ones by fulfilling their current and future requirements while maintaining the highest standards of service, using innovative and developmental technological solutions,
  • achieve satisfaction of the Company's employees and interested parties from its results,
  • implementation of modern methods of work,
  • development of personnel’s qualifications,
  • proven competence in the implementation of steel structure in accordance with the requirements of PN-EN 1090,
  • economic and financial growth of the company.

The Management System Policy is carried out by the Company’s Management Board through:

  • hiring competent and highly qualified staff,
  • ensuring appropriate resources and means,
  • constant supervision over the processes carried out in order to improve the quality management, reduce environmental pollution and minimize the level of occupational risk,
  • systematic analysis and compliance with the provisions of laws and standards referring to services, quality, environmental protection and occupational health and safety, as well as other norms applicable in the business concerned,
  • implementation of R & D activities, and enhancing of innovativeness as part of continuous improvement,
  • natural environment management, expressed by: identification of environmental aspects, prevention of environmental pollution, proper management of waste and emissions,
  • management of occupational health and safety, expressed by: identification of risks; prevention of occupational diseases, accidents, near misses and other emergency situations that could result in a loss of property and / or health of workers and other people staying in the company’s premises or at the investment site, as well as continued efforts to improve occupational health and safety,
  • provision of training and guidance for staff in order to ensure development of their competences and active participation in the activities for the continuous improvement of natural environment and for the extension of knowledge regarding occupational health and safety,
  • responsibility and involvement of all employees for the quality of work performed, compliance with occupations health and safety provisions and environmental protection,
  • verification of the Management System functioning at every stage of the process with a focus on continuous development of the Company.

Mostostal Zabrze is committed to comply with all applicable legal requirements and other requirements relating to environmental aspects relating in our organization.

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Policy of the Management System