Children's Days

Children’s Day 2019
On June 15, 2019 a Picnic for Children and Parents was held under the motto “Welcome to Holiday”. This year the hot weather was good and the smell of vacation was already in the air. This time the picnic took place at the Forest Bath in Zabrze. Thanks to the cooperation with More Than Explore Company, a lot of attractions, large-format games and friendly animators waited for the children. The picnic was attended by about 150 children of different ages together with their parents. Phenomenal atmosphere and the enormity of fun once again evoked a smile on the faces of all participants.

Thank you all for coming and for the exceptionally spent time!

Children’s Day 2018
In 2018, as part of the celebration of Children’s Day, we invited all children of Mostostal Zabrze Group employees together with their carers to an exhibition entitled “Discover Zabrze” exhibition.
Through this exhibition, we wanted to provide, especially the youngest, with information about the city with which we have been associated for over 70 years. This is where Mostostal Zabrze S.A. has been located since 1945. It is also the place where one of the largest plants of the Group – MOSTOSTAL ZABRZE Konstrukcje Przemysłowe S.A. – is located. Throughout this period, as a construction group, we have carried out a number of modernization, revitalization, extensions and construction of entire facilities in the city. The main contractor for these investments was MOSTOSTAL ZABRZE Gliwickie Przedsiębiorstwo Budownictwa Przemysłowego S.A.
Thanks to the exhibition and a game with a printed copy of “Niemapa Zabrze”, everyone had a unique opportunity to get to know many of these places.

“Discover Zabrze” is an educational exhibition created especially for children. The exhibition presented inspiring, multi-level and unique Zabrze – perfect for creative walks.

During the exhibition you could, among others, advertise on the stage of the New Theatre, play caps, create your own “backyard”, enter the Arena or test your knowledge of the Silesian dialect. Through narrow tunnels, children could also get to the mine to bury coal, look for a way out of the labyrinth or take a souvenir photo in ‘Karlik’. At the end, they all rested in the green park among trees and singing birds.

This event was also accompanied by a printed copy of “Niemapa Zabrze”, in which, as the Mostostal Zabrze Group, we encouraged children to play together while building the Greenhouse Factory. Each participant of the exhibition received a copy of such “Niemapa Zabrze”.

The tour of the exhibition took place with an animator and lasted about 1 hour. After the tour, there was time to play and experience everything individually.

The exhibition took place in Łaźnia Łańcuszkowa in Zabrze.

Children’s Day 2017

On 11 June 2017 another picnic for Children of Mostostal Zabrze Group Employees took place. In cooperation with More Then Explore company we invited the youngest to Treasure Island. Thanks to blowers, many “pirate” attractions and great animators we spent a wonderful day outdoors. It was a great opportunity to spend time with our kids and integrate employees.

Thank you for coming and great fun.

Children’s Day 2016
On 29 May 2016 we once again met among the employees of the Mostostal Zabrze Group to celebrate Children’s Day together with the Association “Chcemy pomóc”. The meeting was attended by more than 170 children who could use the inflatable attractions and participate in games and activities run by animators. The great fun lasted until the very end. A lot of attractions and delicious refreshments awaited the children.

Thank you for coming so many and we look forward to the next meeting next year!

Children’s Day 2015