MOSTOSTAL ZABRZE is the fast-growing industrial Group that conducts design, production, construction and assembly activitiies, operating continuously since mid-1945. The success of Mostostal Zabrze is constant searching for solutions that others have not yet seen. It means vision, work and tradition of many generations for more than 75 years.

We’ve started with designing and building steel works. Later, there was the time for cement plants, rafineries, chemical plants and finally power stations, heat and power plants, radio and TV masts, structural steelwork for new factories and public facilities. In all those places we have been implementing solutions of the future. Therefore, from the 1960s the Group has come to be recognizable in Europe and later in Africa and also in the Middle East.

In 2018 we have transferred operations related to the execution of construction contracts in form of the Organised Enterprise Unit from MOSTOSTAL ZABRZE S.A. to it’s subsidiary MOSTOSTAL ZABRZE Realizacje Przemysłowe S.A. Since then MOSTOSTAL ZABRZE S.A. has been performing the function of ownership supervision which means that we provide integration of sales and finances and joint services in the field of i.a. human resources and IT.

We also lead development and reorganization projects that go beyond one Company. Whereas Group operational activities are carried out in our five Companies offering complementary services, thanks to which we are able to achieve the synergy effect.

Today, MOSTOSTAL ZABRZE S.A. is modern, listed on the stock exchange, known almost all over the wolrd Company which manages a group of highly specialized Subsidiaries. Together we perform complex and technologically demanding investments in the fastest growing sectors.