For employees

As an Employer, we strive to continuously improve for our Employees.

We provide a clear and transparent remuneration and bonus system. We have attractive traineeship allowances and jubilee awards. In accordance with the principles introduced by the internal anti-mobbing and anti-discrimination procedure, we take care of a diverse level of employment, including 50+.

In the MOSTOSTAL ZABRZE Group, we have a rich system of non-wage benefits, which include, among others, the following:
– group insurance
– healthcare
– co-financing of employees’ participation in cultural events
In addition, we guarantee co-financing of commuting costs and a number of other social benefits (pear tree holidays, children and young people’s holidays, holiday benefits, as well as granting loans and financial aid to Group employees).

In addition to financial benefits, we provide our Employees with equal access to training and qualification improvement at various levels. Language courses, trainings financed entirely by the Company, subsidies for studies (at all levels) are just a few of the programmes under which we assist in development.
The basis of communication is dialogue, so we discuss matters related to Employees with trade unions on an ongoing basis. There are two trade unions in GMZ: NSZZ “Solidarność” and “ZZ Budowlani”.
We constantly improve internal communication, we issue an internal MZnews newsletter, in which you can find information about the current situation of the Company, interesting events and interesting Employees.

We also provide an appropriate workplace. We make sure that every employee has the opportunity to work in comfortable conditions, while complying with health and safety regulations and FAMILY regulations.

The Scholarship Programme

SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME VI EDITION It is with great joy and satisfaction that we would like to inform you that the Mostostal Zabrze Capital Group continues its activities related to supporting, promoting and assisting in the career development of children of the employees of the Mostostal Zabrze Capital Group. The Scholarship Programme may be joined by anyone who meets the following conditions: – is a student of grades […]

Children’s Days

Children’s Days Children’s Day 2019 On June 15, 2019 a Picnic for Children and Parents was held under the motto „Welcome to Holiday”. This year the hot weather was good and the smell of vacation was already in the air. This time the picnic took place at the Forest Bath in Zabrze. Thanks to the cooperation with More Than Explore Company, a lot […]

United Program

United Program The main objective and aim of the UNITED programme is to strengthen cooperation and get to know the employees of various companies of the MOSTOSTAL ZABRZE Group better. Shared passions are only one of the ways to strengthen the bonds between us. See what internal and external initiatives we take to unite our employees. Clubs of interest In January 2019 we launched the […]