It is with great joy and satisfaction that we would like to inform you that the Mostostal Zabrze Capital Group continues its activities related to supporting, promoting and assisting in the career development of children of the employees of the Mostostal Zabrze Capital Group.

The Scholarship Programme may be joined by anyone who meets the following conditions:
– is a student of grades VII and VIII of a primary school and a student of a secondary school within the meaning of the regulations on the educational system, who in the year of granting the Scholarship is under 19 years of age,
– his parent or legal guardian is an employee of at least one of the companies of the Mostostal Zabrze Capital Group for employment contracts or continuously cooperates with the MZ Capital Group Company on the basis of a civil-law contract, in particular a service contract,
– has an average of 4.0 or higher on the school certificate from the previous school year (average grade from the previous school year, i.e. 2018/2019),
– in the previous school year, he has achieved particular achievements or shown particular commitment to culture, sport or science,

The regulations provide for a point scale:
(1) The following scale of points shall be introduced when processing applications:
(a) the average of grades for the previous school year:
– from 4.0 to 4.49 – 1 point,
– from 4.5 to 4.99 – 2 points,
– 5.0 and higher – 3 points,
(b) for specific scientific, sporting or cultural achievements at the level:
– city/county/voivodship level – 4 points,
– national/international – 5 points,
– finalist of the national Olympics or competition – 6 points,
c) for documented social activities – 3 points,
(d) Students with disabilities are entitled to an additional – 1 point.
2) students with the highest number of points shall be eligible for scholarships, subject to section 3.
3. if the number of applicants satisfying the criteria specified above is greater than the number of scholarships to be awarded, priority shall be given to those applicants with the lowest per capita income in the family. The score shall be determined on the basis of the average monthly net income (rounded off to the nearest whole zloty) per person in the family:
– up to 1000 PLN net – 2 points,
– from PLN 1001 net to PLN 1 500 net – 1 point,
– from 1 501 PLN and above – 0 points.

The amount of the scholarship paid monthly will be as follows:
– for 7th and 8th grade primary school students – PLN 200 gross,
– for post-primary school students – 400 of gross.

Applications for the scholarship must be submitted by 21.11.2019. (Thursday) to the Management Board Plenipotentiary for CSR (Gliwice, 16 Dubois Street, room 109).
The scholarship will be paid from December 2019 with overpayment for September, October and November 2019.
The scholarship will be paid out from the Special Purpose Donation Fund.

Below is a transfer of the contents of the “Scholarship Program” tab concerning previous years.