Mostostal Zabrze Group has been present in chemical and petrochemical industry for many years now, currently within MZ Realizacje Przemysłowe we offer specialist works involving the installation of plant and process equipment, pipelines and steel structures, but also storage tanks for petroleum and chemicals, oxygen plants and installations for production of hydrogen.

Our flagship is an offer dedicated to offshore industry especially drilling rigs, over 20 of which we’ve successfully provided since 2002. Within our Group we provide not only delivery of final product (prefabrication and test assembly), but also designing it by our subsidiary – MZ Biprohut.

What makes us different from other companies on the market is high quality of work,  complementarity of services offered by our Group and experience in implementation of the most demanging projects. Thanks to all of that we earn the trust of Air Liquide Global, AKER MH AS, BASF Polska, Grupa Azoty, MH Wirth, Nitroerg and many more.