As part of our activity to respect the environment, we carry out activities aimed at reducing emissions to the environment from the area of our own operations.We are aware that our pro-environmental activities will contribute to the reduction of the negative impact on the environment.

The centralised printing system we have put in place optimises the use of equipment, the ongoing replacement of our car fleet with newer generation cars and the purchase of electric cars and charging stations contribute to reducing air emissions.

The energy used at our permanent locations comes mainly from renewable energy sources, i.e. green energy backed up by an issued certificate. In our own investments, we take into account the reduction of heat losses through thermo-modernisation of the facilities and the possibility of converting solar radiation into electricity by installing photovoltaic systems.

We are aware of the importance of employee awareness of our activities. Employees are informed in the area of identified environmental aspects. Identified environmental risks are monitored and managed, including through the setting of environmental opportunities and targets with defined tasks and assigned responsibility in the area of implementation. This area of environmental policy is documented by Mostostal Zabrze Realizacje Przemysłowe within the framework of an implemented and certified management system based on the ISO 14001:2015 standard.

The MZ Group’s publications including strategic and reporting activities are available to our stakeholders. The reports also contain comparative data in the area of volume and type of air emissions, waste emissions, wastewater emissions, energy consumption (electricity, heat), technological innovations introduced or investments made. We also achieve compliance with legal requirements by calculating and reporting the sum of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions emitted directly or indirectly as a result of the activities of GMZ companies, the so-called carbon footprint.

All environmental data obtained within our Group improves the transparent management of emissions processes.

We are aware of the importance of recycling, which is why we have introduced mandatory waste segregation in the Companies’ headquarters building at Dubois Street.

With a view to limiting the production of plastics, the employees of the MZKP and MZRP production hall in Częstochowa have been equipped with reusable vouchers.