As part of Mostostal Zabrze Realizacje Przemysłowe S.A., we conduct an environmental policy as part of the Integrated Management System based on the environmental standard ISO 14001:2015, we have introduced a management system according to SCC**:2011, which confirms compliance with the applicable standards of safe work and environmental protection. We also manage environmental aspects by drawing up an “Environmental Management Programme” and a “list of rules for management and supervision of waste, resources, emissions and wastewater” in order to plan activities and actions related to environmental aspects management.

As part of our environmental respect activities, we carry out activities aimed at using environmentally friendly products, pro-environmental activities and disposal of used products. We have introduced a centralized printing system to optimize the use of equipment, we conduct selective collection of waste other than municipal waste, e.g. electrical and electronic equipment, batteries. We have replaced our car fleet, thanks to which we have reduced exhaust emissions to a minimum.

Within the framework of the policy in force in the Company, concerning both environmental protection and ecological activities, each newly admitted employee of the MZRP Company is acquainted with his or her environmental protection procedures as part of the Integrated Management System (IMS) training. At construction sites, occupational health and safety services familiarize employees with the content of the Characteristics Sheets of Hazardous Substances – including the rules of conduct in the storage of substances, uncontrolled leakage, rules of conduct with the generated waste. Depending on the needs, environmental instructions are developed in the field of environmental protection, e.g. waste management in a given organizational unit.

We are aware of the importance of recycling, which is why we have introduced mandatory waste segregation in the Companies’ headquarters building at Dubois Street.

With a view to limiting the production of plastics, the employees of the MZKP and MZRP production hall in Częstochowa have been equipped with reusable vouchers.