United Program

The main objective and aim of the UNITED programme is to strengthen cooperation and get to know the employees of various companies of the MOSTOSTAL ZABRZE Group better. Shared passions are only one of the ways to strengthen the bonds between us. See what internal and external initiatives we take to unite our employees.

Clubs of interest

In January 2019 we launched the activity of Employee Interest Clubs. Each of them is composed of representatives of various companies belonging to the Mostostal Zabrze Group. By undertaking joint activities, members of the Clubs not only develop their passions, but also integrate, which fosters better communication in everyday work. GMZ supports the Clubs by subsidizing their activities.

The Mostostal Zabrze Group currently has the following Clubs:

Running Club "Zabiegani" (Runners)

During the year it expanded its activities and in addition to the typical running events it also started in… Runmageddon! The members of the Club cover longer and longer distances, today the 5km sections covered at the beginning of the year within the Forest Run are a small challenge in comparison with the Gliwice Half Marathon or Zabrze Half Marathon.

Board Game Lovers Club

What can be done when a few hours after working on a board games is not enough? Move on to night-time playing in Gliwice’s Sports and Entertainment Arena! That’s what they did by extending the list of available games from a little over 100 to… well. There are so many of them that it’s hard to count. Looking for a game for winter evenings? Come and see one of the club members and they’ll recommend something for you.

Winter Sports Fans' Club

After a very active winter, the Club is waiting for some of the forecasts for the winter of 30 years. Though… with a milder aura, it will probably also be possible to jump out on the ski trails together

Volleyball club

It takes two to tango and to play volleyball… a team big enough. Unfortunately, after a very active start after the holidays, the first injuries appeared and now the Club is looking for new members for its corporate team. To start with, it only takes two. So what? Will you join us? The training takes place in one of Gliwice’s sports halls.

Sailing Club “Pod żaglami: ("Under Sails")

Quite quickly moved its activities from a pond in a patio in the surrounding area. This season, the cruises took place mainly on the Rybnik Lagoon and Lake Żywicki, but the name of Masuria appeared more than once in the backstage… Masuria! Who knows, maybe we will succeed in the next season?

Bicycle Club

It does not limit its activities to the territory of Poland only. When the first trips in the area were no longer enough for the Club, it decided to… visit the neighboring Czech Republic! Who knows, maybe in 2020 he will also visit other countries.

The Theatre and Film Discussion Club

after several months of suspension, the Club officially resumed its activities and in October it participated in the 19th Festival of Contemporary Drama at the Teatr Nowy in Zabrze. What films or plays will the Club go to next season? Join the Club and have a real influence on it.

Paintball club “Lecimy w kulki” ("We're flying in the balls")

it was founded on the initiative of employees from Kędzierzyn-Koźle, although the battlefields were also scattered around other towns in southern Poland. If you like off-road fun, this is the Club for you!

The Bowling Club “Lecimy w bale” ("We're flying into a ball")

How well can you integrate while playing bowling I guess you don’t have to convince anyone. The members of our Club know about it as well and invite you to their bowling alley games in Gliwice.

The ZUMBA Club

it has been operating continuously since the beginning of the year. Trainings take place regularly in a rented gym, often ending with a joint dinner full of talks on all subjects. Will a typical female group be joined by a man in 2020? It will turn out soon.