More projects for the Silesian University of Technology!

The company of MOSTOSTAL ZABRZE S.A. – MOSTOSTAL ZABRZE GPBP S.A. is once again implementing investments for the Silesian University of Technology.

Currently, works related to the implementation of the task consisting in the reconstruction and thermal modernization of DS SOLARIS at 37 Kochanowskiego Street in Gliwice. The scope of works includes the following construction works: demolition and disassembly works, insulation of external walls and the roof, replacement of flashing, external window sills, replacement of window and door joinery, renovation of external stairs and ramps, band around the building, industry works within the scope of the Detailed Design. The period of this PLN 27.7 million net task is 16 months.

Meanwhile, almost three months have passed since the signing of the contract with the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice for the execution of construction works entitled “Fire protection adaptation along with the reconstruction of the building of the Library of the Silesian University of Technology ”. The building under construction has a didactic function. The ground-floor part, the first floor and the second one belong to the Main Library of the Silesian University of Technology, the other floors (third, fourth and fifth) are the Faculty of Applied Mathematics. The scope of works covered by the contract provides for the adaptation of the entire building to fire safety requirements in accordance with the expertise of the Fire Brigade, as well as the reconstruction of the ground floor and the second floor of the Main Library at 23 Kaszubska Street in Gliwice. The expected duration of the task is 20 months, and its value is PLN 16 million net.

Previously, MOSTOSTAL ZABRZE GPBP S.A. successfully completed another task for the Silesian University of Technology, ie “Construction of the Silesian Engineering Support Center for Medicine and Sports” Assist Med Sport Silesia “along with the construction of the lecture hall between the main building of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering and the new building of the Silesian Engineering Support Center for Medicine and Sports.