On 31 July, 2014 there was a formal ceremony of the boiler drum lifting within the project “Construction of Thermal Waste Incineration Plant in Kraków”, where Mostostal Zabrze S.A. is one of the contractors responsible, among other things, for erection of the drums. The drum is the main part of the boiler, in which the process of the separation of saturated steam from water takes place. It’s the next milestone during the project execution.

The eco-friendly Thermal Waste Incineration Plant in Kraków will burn the residual municipal waste i.e. the waste after the dissociation of all usable secondary raw materials. The capacity will reach 220 000 tons per year and along with waste incineration it will also generate electric energy and heat for the district heating system.

In accordance with the schedule the current progress of construction of the Thermal Waste Incineration Plant in Kraków is 40%, and the completion of works is due by the end of 2015.