Summer with the Theatre

Once again, MOSTOSTAL ZABRZE had the pleasure of being one of the sponsors of a very interesting project which is an attractive – for children and young people – form of spending holidays in an active and creative way. It combines elements of active recreation with numerous activities that are to arouse and deepen artistic interests, acquire knowledge and specific skills from various fields of theatre, teach creative expression and teamwork. Children and young people work in different groups: drama, puppetry, costume and scenography, dance and vocal and promotional-journalistic.

The aim of the project – a two-week workshop – is to prepare and stage a theatrical performance, which is largely the work of the participants, with specially prepared scenery, costumes, music, choreographic arrangements and animated puppets prepared by participants of one of the groups.
In 2014 Karol Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” was staged. In 2015, due to the large number of participants, two tours were held, which resulted in two performances: “ONY” by Marta Guśniowska and “Król Maciuś I”. Janusz Korczak.

These unusual performances, which are the result of the work of avid amateurs, always find a place on the poster in the repertoire of the September Metropolitan Theatre Night.
The annual “Summer at the Theatre” actions receive financial support from Mostostal Zabrze.
In July 2019, two tours of the semi-colonies were realized, during which two independent performances “Ali Baba and Forty Thieves” were performed. Both tours were attended by about 160 young participants.