Poland Business Run

Poland Business Run is an ever-growing initiative which proves that it is possible to effectively combine sport, charity and integration between the team and, in our case, between the company.

Poland Business Run 2017

Ready to run? GO!

In 2017 our representation took part in the Katowice Business Run for the first time. The team consisting of 5 people focused on great fun and spending time in a nice company, stood at the start as one of 500 relay teams. Although the participants themselves mentioned that you could feel the pre-start stress, they coped with the challenge perfectly! For these 500 teams, they finally took 129th position, with time 01h:32m:59s.

Business Run is a nationwide initiative, which we hope to support in the future in a wider circle.

Poland Business Run 2018

133 km in the right cause! You ran! You helped! Thank you!

On 3 September this year, 35 runners from all the companies of the MZ Group took part in the 6th edition of the charity Katowice Business Run. Divided into seven 5-person teams, all of them bravely followed the route marked out around the Three Lakes Valley in Katowice. Each of the competitors had a distance of 3.8 km to cover, which made the whole representation of GK MZ run 133 km in total in a just cause!

About 3 000 runners from over 150 companies appeared at the start line. Out of 567 classified teams, the RUNSTARS team turned out to be the best, which took 69th place. Right behind them, taking 70th place, only 7 seconds slower, the representatives of BIPROHUT II team appeared at the finish line. Men’s teams turned out to be unrivalled this time! Congratulations!

Other teams, consisting of fantastic runners, debutantes and rookies, showing great commitment, strong harts, healthy rivalry and great fun, took places one by one:
89th place – MZ Mega Zabiegani
185th place – Pędzące Żółwie
219th place – MZRP Śląsk
397th place – BIPROHUT I
474th place – MST Mostostal Speed Team

Krzysztof Szechlecki from MZ Mega Zabiegani turned out to be unrivalled among all the players of GK MZ, with a time of 13 min 30 seconds. Congratulations on a great result and we keep our fingers crossed for the implementation of further running plans!

The Business Run 2018 event once again proved with its scale and nationwide range that such events bring people together in achieving noble goals, and for us it was also a unique opportunity to get to know each other better and spend time actively.

Poland Business Run 2019

You ran! You helped!

Nine Polish cities, over 27 thousand runners, almost 2.3 million PLN and help for 60 people with motor disabilities. For the third time, the employees of the Mostostal Zabrze Capital Group took part in the biggest charity relay race Poland Business Run 2019 in Poland.

Last Sunday (08.09.) did not spoil the weather, however, our – the most numerous so far – 45-person team with a smile on their faces, thermoses in their hands and raincoats put themselves in a designated place, ready to run.

This year, the number of runners in Katowice increased to almost 4 thousand people, which resulted in the change of the route from the Three Lakes Valley in Katowice to Muchowiec. In total, a distance of 14,633.5 km was covered in Katowice, of which an astonishing number of 166.5 km was covered by representatives of all companies of the MZ Capital Group.

Out of 733 classified teams, the BIPROHUT team did best, taking 76th place, 3 minutes later the MOCNA ZADYSZKA team celebrated at the finish line, which took 142nd place. MEGA ZABIEGANI did not give up till the end and 11 seconds later they took 146th place. STARCONE FUZEKLE also found their way to the finish line and even jumped to 393rd position in the general ranking. MZ RUN STARS trampled on their heels and as a result they took the position no. 404. MZ RUN STARS took the excellent 466th place. MOSTEK TEAM’s debuting line-up took 567th position, while FINANSOWE TORPEDY MZ jumped to 676th place in a bombing pace. The team GONIMY PO BROWAR PRZYJACIELU caught up with their target and took 707th place.

The relay was made up of both long-term runners and rookies. They all showed the same fortitude, perseverance, strength and commitment, which contributed to the fantastic atmosphere that prevailed in the running village. Our fastest representatives deserve individual awards. Among the gentlemen the fastest was Paweł Starżyk with 14 minutes and 23 seconds and among the ladies – Klaudia Koszmider with 18 minutes and 8 seconds. Congratulations!

Poland Business Run 2019 is an ever-growing initiative which proves that it is possible to effectively combine sport, charity actions and integration between the team, and in our case, and between the company. We thank all those involved and see you on the road!