Recently, we resumed our efforts to help through actions, supporting @Iskierka Foundation to assist one of their beneficiaries in completing the renovation of her apartment. The brave men from MZ GPBP took care of the finishing works, but due to the peak vacation season, their capabilities were limited. However, two brave employees came to the rescue: Ms. Ania from MZRP and Mr. Mateusz from MZKP, who achieved the impossible. The renovation work, originally assigned for 5 people over 2 days, was completed in just 8 hours.

We are immensely grateful for their dedication and excellent work. We admire that despite the busy vacation season, they found the time and strength to help another person in need.

At Mostostal Zabrze S.A., we believe that small acts of kindness can create a significant positive impact in people’s lives. Our partnership with the Iskierka Foundation allows us to bring positive changes to the community and support those facing challenges. We are proud to be part of this wonderful initiative.

A big thank you to everyone involved, and special recognition to Ms. Ania and Mr. Mateusz for their extraordinary commitment to the cause! Let’s continue our positive actions and providing assistance to those in need.