Lately, we had the pleasure of visiting our GCE partner school, where we focused on the fascinating field of modern welding technologies, with a special emphasis on laser welding. ­čĹĘÔÇŹ­čĆş

Students from the Welding Technology class had the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of the physical principles of laser operation, understand their construction, and discover a wide spectrum of applications in the industry. Topics related to the practical implementation of these technologies were also part of the presentation.

The presentation, led by our Plant Welding Engineer, Artur Otremba, sparked a very interesting discussion.

From this point, we would like to express our gratitude for the presentation and the opportunity to share our experience with the students. We believe that such initiatives contribute to the comprehensive development of students (not only in partner classes and schools). ­čĄŁ

Thank you, and see you soon! ­čĺí­čöž