Cooperation with WTZ

Cooperation with the Occupational Therapy Workshop of the Polish Association for Persons with Mental Handicap Circle in Chorzów. Cooperation with WTZ has lasted for 6 years. In 2014. MOSTOSTAL ZABRZE S.A. financed the “Znicz” project, the aim of which was to implement a new form of vocational rehabilitation in WTZ by producing candles. As part of the project, a machine producing an input for a candle or wax with the necessary tooling was purchased. For 6 years WTZ charges have been able to organize fairs in the Company’s headquarters. During the fairs organized few times a year, the charges are given the opportunity to sell their products made during professional rehabilitation, including candles. The funds obtained in this way are used to purchase materials for further rehabilitation. WTZ gathers about 60 people – in the vast majority with a significant degree of disability and diagnosed with a significant and moderate degree of intellectual disabilities. The workshop carries out tasks in the field of social and vocational rehabilitation aimed at the general development and improvement of each participant’s fitness, which are necessary for an independent, independent and active life.